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About me


Hello to all lovers of horses and their beauty.
I mainly attend to equestrian painting and graphics but it is also not a problem for me to present other topics (including the power of horses :) )

Horses fascinated me from an early age.

Horseback riding is my passion. I ride a horse since I was nine and I also draw much longer :)
I have always been close to the horses, and therefore I could observe them in many situations and details.

Horses are a phenomenon of fleeting beauty which I try to capture in my drawings for years.
In all the paintings I try to give all the uniqueness, beauty, strength, speed and variety of these beautiful animals.
I try them to be watched with a gleam in their eye. At the same time to keep the realism and accuracy in details.

My favorite technique is drawing pastels and pencil.


I have always drawn with passion and for pleasure, I did not think about competitions.
In 2017 I decided to show my paintings to a wider audience and at the Festival of Equine Art in Warsaw on 02.04.2017 my drawing "Piacenza" won the 1st prize in the painting competition. Joy for me is indescribable.




I invite you to my "Gallery of Horses" where can you get to know me through my paintings.